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FreeFlow is a new and exciting start up located in Baltimore Maryland. The aim of this startup is to create novel voice driven applications aimed toward making the jobs and lives of teachers, speakers, and students easier while increasing productivity. Here at FreeFlow we aim to Integrate new speech recognition technology in the classroom setting to better enable teachers reach their goal of properly educating the next generation. Teachers will be able to focus more on the subject they are teaching and less on paperwork and creating slides. By decreasing the amount of mundane preparation and slide creation teachers have to do, FreeFlow gives teachers more time to better study and understand the material they are teaching so they can help students.

What We Do

Here at FreeFlow we aim to create voice integrated application for fields that can greatest benefit from them. By extracting relevant information form normal flow of speakers FreeFlow can create documents on the fly. Teachers, speakers or even doctors spend most of their time now creating documents and filling out paperwork that is similar or exactly the same to something they have spoken. FreeFlow aims to decrease the amount of time professionals spend re-writing or entering the information they have already spoken by taking care of the task while they speak.

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  • Baltimore, MD, USA